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Slip and Fall Accident: Actions And Responsibilities Required to Settle It

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When building a solid slip-and-fall claim, verification and documentation are critical. Protecting your rights and ensuring that you get just compensation for your injuries requires you to take specific actions, like getting medical help, taking pictures, and refusing to talk to property owners.

The first step is always to seek medical attention. It is essential even if you don’t feel any immediate pain or discomfort.

Keep Records

Keeping accurate records is essential after any accident but is especially crucial in a slip and fall case. A comprehensive description of the incident can be an asset when filing an insurance claim or pursuing legal action to recover compensation. While seeking medical attention is your most pressing concern, you should also get help after a slip and fall accident from an attorney.  You should also seek out any witnesses who saw your accident and be sure to get their contact information. In addition, if any surveillance cameras on the premises or nearby properties may have recorded your accident, note it and ask a slip and fall attorney about obtaining the footage. It is the best way to prove that the property owner did not properly maintain or secure the premises.

Seek Medical Care

When you fall, it is essential to see a medical professional immediately. It will help ensure that you do not have any injuries that are not visible at the time of the accident. It will also help establish that the accident caused your injuries. For example, an X-ray can show evidence of a broken bone or even internal bleeding.

Additionally, a doctor will examine your injury and determine if you have any permanent damage that could impact your quality of life. It will be established through a detailed physical exam and any other diagnostic tests required to diagnose your injuries accurately. It is also essential to follow your doctor’s treatment plan, including filling prescriptions, attending therapy sessions, and following orders regarding over-the-counter medications. Insurance companies may use your failure to do so as justification for not considering your injuries as serious as you claimed, which could harm your case. You should also request copies of all your medical records, x-rays, test results, paperwork, and bills.

Take Photos

Medical care should be prioritized when someone falls in a store or other business. However, if the victim can do so, they should take pictures with their phone or camera of the scene immediately after the fall and any dangerous property elements that contributed to it, such as a puddle of water or a tripping hazard.

It’s essential to capture the accident scene before the property owner corrects it. They may clean up dangerous conditions to keep others safe, but this can destroy necessary evidence for your case. It would help to take close-up photographs of your injuries, including visible blood and bruises. If you cannot take the photos, ask a friend or family member to do it. Keep taking these photographs as your wounds heal, as they can be crucial evidence to prove the full extent of your injuries. It will be essential to confirm the amount of compensation you deserve.

Report the Accident

Slip, trip, and fall accidents cause a lot of emergency room visits in the United States. They can also lead to severe injuries, including broken bones and traumatic brain injury. Suppose you suffer an injury from a slip and fall. The manager or owner of the property where the accident happened must be notified of the occurrence right away. Doing so can help you secure an incident report that can serve as substantial evidence in your case. It can also alert the property owners to any dangerous conditions on their properties and prompt them to take action.

Additionally, if the manager or owner of the property where you fell asks you to complete a written accident report, do so. It will help you document the details of the accident and provide valuable information to your lawyer. You should also attend any follow-up medical appointments your doctor recommends. It can help prove that your injury is severe and has impaired your quality of life.

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