Ever heard of Blooket? It’s one of the hottest new gaming platforms for students and teachers. In case you’ve been living under a rock, Blooket is an educational game-based learning platform used by over 6 million students and teachers worldwide. You can play a variety of fun learning games like gold quest, tower defense, and more. The best part is you can join for free and start playing instantly. In this article we’ll walk you through exactly what Blooket is, how the games work, and how you can join the party and start leveling up your learning. Whether you’re a student looking to make learning more exciting or an educator searching for an engaging new tool, Blooket has something for everyone. Ready to unlock a new world of fun and learning? Let’s dive in and see what Blooket is all about.

What Is Blooket?

Blooket is a free educational website with fun quiz games for students. Blooket Join lets teachers create game-based assessments in minutes.

Blooket is an interactive learning platform that offers fun quiz games to help students review for tests and strengthen understanding of topics. Teachers can create customized assessments in different game modes like multiple choice, matching, and open-ended questions.

The games are designed to engage students and make learning exciting. Some options include:

-Gold Quest: Answer questions to earn gold and buy armor and weapons for your avatar.

-Factory: Work together to build products by answering questions.

-Aquarium: Build an underwater world by answering ocean questions.

-Cave Explorer: Navigate a cave maze by answering questions about geology and earth science.

-And many more!

Blooket tracks student progress so teachers can see how individuals and the whole class are doing. The games work on any device with an internet browser, so students can play in school or at home.

How to Play

To play Blooket, go to blooket.com and either login as a teacher to create your own games or enter a game code provided by your teacher. Choose an avatar, select a game to play, and start answering questions! Each correct answer will earn you points to use in the game. See if you can get the high score!

How to Join

Blooket is free for all students and teachers. To join, simply go to blooket.com and:

Teachers: Click “Sign up as Teacher” to create your account. Build your own games or use pre-made assessments. Provide students with your game code to play.

Students: Enter the game code from your teacher. Choose an avatar to represent you and start playing the games your teacher set up! Earn points for correct answers and race to the top of the scoreboard.

Have fun and good luck! Blooket makes learning an adventure.

How to Play Blooket Games

Once you’ve joined a Blooket game, it’s time to start playing! Blooket offers a variety of fun games that students of all ages will enjoy.

Live Games

Live games allow you to compete against other players in real time. Some options include:

  • Gold Quest: Race to collect the most gold by answering questions correctly. Whoever has the most gold at the end wins!
  • Tower Defense: Work as a team to defend your towers by answering questions. If too many enemies get past your defenses, you lose! Teamwork and communication are key.
  • Factory: Compete to build the most valuable factory. Answer questions to earn building materials and build up your factory to produce goods. The player with the most valuable factory at the end is the winner!

Asynchronous Games

If you prefer to play at your own pace, try the asynchronous games. These include:

  • Blooket City: Build your own city by answering questions to earn coins. Use the coins to construct houses, shops, parks and more. Let your creativity run wild!
  • Blooket Farm: Start with an empty farm and build it up by answering questions to earn crops, animals, and farm equipment. Grow and harvest crops, raise animals, and expand your farm.

With so many games to choose from, Blooket has something for everyone. Gather some friends, pick a game, and start playing! The games are engaging, the questions span a range of difficulties, and most importantly, Blooket brings fun to learning. Why not give it a try?

Creating a Blooket Account

To start playing Blooket games, you’ll need to create an account. Creating an account is free and only takes a few minutes.

Signing Up

Head to Blooket.com and click the “Sign Up” button. You’ll be asked for the following information:

  • Your name
  • An email address
  • A password
  • Your school (optional)

Provide the requested details and click “Create Account”. An email will be sent to the address you entered with an activation link. Click the link to verify your email and activate your account.

Logging In

Once your account is activated, you can log in to Blooket using the email and password you chose. On the Blooket homepage, enter your login credentials in the boxes at the top of the screen and click “Log In”.

If you forgot your password, click the “Forgot password?” link to reset it. You’ll receive an email with a link to set a new strong password. Be sure to check your spam folder if the email does not appear in your inbox.

Adding Students (For Teachers)

If you’re a teacher, you’ll want to add your students to Blooket so they can join your games. To add students:

  1. Click the “Classes” tab at the top of the screen.
  2. Select “Add Students” and enter the number of students you want to add.
  3. Click “Generate Codes” to create access codes for your students.
  4. Provide a code to each student and have them redeem the code on Blooket.com to join your class.

Students can now see your Blooket class on their account and join any games you start! Let the fun and learning begin!

Blooket offers an engaging way for students of all ages to learn through gameplay. Creating an account and getting started only takes a few minutes. Give Blooket a try and see how it can enhance your classroom!

Joining a Blooket Game

Joining a Blooket game is easy and only takes a few minutes. All you need is the game code from your teacher or host to get started.

Find Your Game Code

The first step is getting the code for the specific Blooket game you want to join. Your teacher or the game host will provide the code, usually 6 letters or numbers like “abc123”. Make sure you have the correct game code before moving on to the next step.

Go to Blooket.com

Open the Blooket website on your laptop, Chromebook or tablet. The site works best on Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. Blooket can also be accessed through the Blooket app on iOS and Android devices.

Enter the Game Code

At the top of the Blooket homepage, you’ll see a box labeled “Enter game code”. Type or paste the code you received from your teacher into that box. Be very careful entering the code, as one wrong letter or number will prevent you from joining the game.

Choose Your Avatar

Once you’ve entered the correct game code, you can choose an avatar to represent you in the game. Blooket offers many options like animals, objects, and game characters. Pick whatever avatar you like! Your avatar choice does not affect game play in any way.

Play and Compete!

After selecting your avatar, you’ll join the Blooket game room. From there, follow the on-screen instructions to start playing the game. Earn points by answering questions correctly and compete against your classmates and players from around the world.

Blooket games are an engaging way to learn and challenge yourself in a low-pressure, multiplayer environment. Joining a game only takes a few quick steps, so get out there, find a game code and start playing! Let the competition begin!

Blooket Join FAQ

Have some questions about joining Blooket? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers to help you out.

What is Blooket? Blooket is an educational gaming platform used by teachers and students. It offers fun games and activities to help learners of all ages practice skills in math, reading, science, and more.

How do I sign up for Blooket? Signing up for Blooket is free and easy. Just go to Blooket.com and click “Sign Up” at the top of the page. Enter your name, email address, a password you want to use and your school or organization. Check your email for a verification link to activate your account.

Do students need an account to play? No, students do not need their own account to play Blooket games. Teachers will provide students with a game code to enter to join the teacher’s game. Students can play as a guest using their name. Only teachers need a Blooket account to create games and activities.

How much does Blooket cost? Blooket is free for teachers and students to use. Blooket makes money through optional in-app purchases and by selling premium versions of the platform to school districts. But the basic features of creating games, joining games and playing are all free.

What devices can I use Blooket on? You can play Blooket games on any device with an internet browser, including:

•Windows PCs and laptops

•Mac computers


•iPads and Android tablets

•Smartphones (both iOS and Android)

Blooket is designed to work on small touchscreen devices up to large monitors. No app download is required, just open your web browser.

Do you have any other questions about joining Blooket? Let me know in the comments below! I’m happy to help explain anything to help you and your students get started with this fun learning platform.


So there you have it, everything you need to know to get started with Blooket and join the fun. This popular educational game platform offers an engaging way for students of all ages to learn and review course material in a low-pressure, game-based environment. The variety of game modes means there’s something for everyone and every learning style. Teachers love it because students actually want to study and practice skills.

What are you waiting for? Talk to your teacher and get your class code so you can start playing, learning, and competing with friends today. Who knows, you might even become the next Blooket champion at your school. So dive in, explore all the games, collect your gold and tokens, and most importantly, have fun while boosting your knowledge and confidence in the classroom. The future is here – welcome to the world of gamified learning with Blooket!

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