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Accessorize Your Roof Rack: Must-Have Add-Ons And Accessories

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When transporting or hauling objects that won’t fit the vehicle’s interior, roof rack add-ons are useful and practical equipment. They use the space on your automobile’s roof to provide you with extra internal space and inviting seats for your visitors. 

If you’re searching for a roof rack attachment for your future camping trip, off-road adventure, or family weekend vacation, our recommended additions below, based on top-rated ratings, will help you make the correct choice.

Here are the six essential accessories you need to customize your car’s roof rack: 

1. Snowboard and Fishing Rod Carrier

If you enjoy skiing or fishing, this carrier is an excellent complement to your car’s roof rack. Fishing rods and snowboard carriers protect heavy equipment, such as skis and snowboards.  You will have peace of mind knowing that your outdoor equipment is secure and organized.

Extreme heat won’t damage the Front Runner roof racks, snowboard holders, or fishing rod carriers. They can be used for transportation in both temperature extremes since they are made of corrosion-resistant steel and have weather-resistant powder coating.

Outdoor fans must have the Front Runner Snowboard and Fishing Rod Carriers since they protect your equipment and free up room inside your car. They can accommodate two pairs of skis or one snowboard, with the option to increase the storage by mounting two holders side by side on all Front Runner Roof Racks.

The two gentle 30mm broad rubber grippers of snowboard and fishing rod carriers will firmly grasp your equipment without scratching it amid heavy rains or strong wind. Ultimately,  both carriers are lockable and come with four keys for further security.

1. Mount Bike Carrier 

Cycling enthusiasts deserve to own the Front Runner Mount Bike Carrier because it keeps the bicycles safe and organized while being transported. Since it is made of sturdy steel and aluminum and has the same tough finish as Front Runner load bars and roof racks, it is strong enough to traverse challenging terrain.

The front fork clamp of bike carriers must have a rapid release that fits all fork dropouts. On the other hand, the rear wheel clamp should accommodate various wheel sizes and widths. The strong ratcheting buckle and strap allow you to secure and adjust the back wheel quickly. The mount bike carrier requires a minimum rack length of 1156mm (6 slats) for proper installation.

2. Spare Wheel Clamp

The Front Runner Spare Wheel Clamp is a clever option if you’re seeking a practical place to store your spare wheel. This clip enables you to install your spare tire on the roof rack, freeing up crucial storage space inside the wheel well.

Ideally, a spare wheel clamp is made for elevated dish rims and can accommodate most wheel diameters as it attaches across two slats. Still, the clamp can hold even the deepest offsets firmly fastened to the backside of the wheel.

3. Cargo Box

A roof rack cargo box is a crucial addition to your automobile, increasing storage space and improving travel efficiency. Still, they provide a safe and weatherproof way to transport numerous equipment. 

A cargo box can carry various items, protecting them from weather-related damage and keeping them safely fastened to your vehicle. You can transport camping gear, suitcases, sports equipment, or other items.

The sturdy design and locking mechanisms of cargo boxes are two of their distinguishing qualities. Even while driving on rocky or uneven roads, it ensures your belongings are safe.

4. Rooftop Tent

A rooftop tent is useful for off-roading or trekking in the vast forests. In recent years, campers and adventure seekers have become much more enthralled with rooftop shelters. It’s possible to quickly and simply create a shelter on the top of your car with a rooftop tent.

Raising your shelter above the ground will keep out pesky insects, dangerous pebbles, and attackers searching for a quick meal. For a remarkable trip, try using this quick-to-assemble alternative to the standard ground-pitched tent. It gives additional security while you stay above the ground.

5. Awning

Anywhere you drive your car, roof rack awnings provide a convenient shelter. They are easy to mount in a majority of roof rack systems and rapidly roll out for convenience. A roof rack awning is normally supplied with durable protective covers that are easy to attach to most roof racks and may provide rapid shelter from sunlight or rain.

A quick and valuable shelter is available wherever you go, thanks to the off-road roof rack awning. They can roll out and easily deploy on the majority of roof racks. Spend money on reinforcing brackets and foot cushions to assist in maintaining the awning in place. Be cautious not to lose the protective bag; it’s usually your passport for the outdoors and an instrument to prevent the awning from decaying or ripping.


There are numerous roof rack accessories available on the market, so there is one for almost every occasion. A roof rack bike carrier and a roof rack storage bag are useful additions to your vehicle, each catering to specific needs.

The snowboard and fishing Rod Carrier, bike carrier, and spare wheel clamp are a few examples of Front Runner accessories that provide valuable and durable solutions to improve the functioning of your roof rack. 

These additions are made to make your trips more convenient, regardless of whether you’re enthusiastic about winter sports, cycling, or just want to increase the storage capacity of your car.

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